US likely to authorize millions for extension of ‘Internet freedom stategy’

Remember that whole “Internet Freedom” agenda that the US government is funding? Turns out it’s likely to continue into the next...

Iran tries to block Tor, declares VPNs illegal, and says cyber attacks will be ‘reciprocated’

Within the last few weeks, there have been reports that Iran has been blocking Tor, an online anonymizing tool, and PPTP and L2TP VPN protocols and...

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Korean boy kills mother, self over video game

Korean boy kills mother, self over video game

By Cyrus Farivar | Featured, South Korea

As I mention at the end of my book chapter about South Korea, I point out some of the darker sides of an extremely wired country where kids are addicted to the Internet and MMORPGs. About 10 days ago, there was a tragic murder and suicide that has emerged on the peninsula over a dispute [&hellip