Iran: “We have solutions to deal with the Internet-in-a-suitcase.”

Cyrus Farivar | Featured, Iran
29 Jun 2011

On Wednesday, ISNA, the Iranian Students News Agency, reported that Heydar Moslehi, the head of the Iranian intelligence service (who resigned a few months ago after a tiff with Pres. Ahmadinejad, but was reinstated at the request of the Supreme Leader) said that Iran was working on ways to counter the American Internet-in-a-suitcase project, adding that they had “anticipated it and [have] ways to deal with it.”

Of course, Mr. Moslehi neglected to provide further technical details.

This of course, is the same guy who said earlier this month that Iran would “not allow viruses to easily enter the country.”

In other Iranian tech news, some sites are now reporting that there’s been a Facebook phishing scam targeting Iranians, by luring them through the US Green Card lottery and the promise of a two million dollar prize. It’s not clear who exactly is behind this scam, but that would be a rather clever tactic for government agents to use, as a way to spy on people online.

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